Healthcare & Life-Sciences

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With the deep-penetration of technology into the healthcare and life sciences space – wearables, diagnostics and drug delivery products are ‘smart-enabled’ and are able measure and communicate key inputs with their users and healthcare providers. Further, many aspects of healthcare services have to the cloud and is supported by tele-medicine. Byverticles supports in the development of Wearables, Diagnostics & Monitoring Devices & Drug Delivery Devices in the following areas:

  1. Connectivity Enablement – device to phone/computer/ cloud IoT-Enabled Medical Devices AI/ML based algorithm development Prototyping

Hearing aid fitting solution

Byverticles has created an intuitive tool that allows you to complete audio fitting verification process efficiently while maintaining high quality control over the fitting. Now these system works with leading heading aid built-in software interface, and product line. Solution allows you to complete the configuration of device automatically by matching hearing aid gain to targets.