National Immersion Program


Skill Acumen provides national immersion programs for students of colleges and universities. We are a young team constantly innovating and adding changes to our programs, thereby giving a new experience every time you travel with us.
Industrial visits are important components for a student’s development. They are educationally sound and an important ingredient to the instructional program. These activities supplement and enrich classroom learning and encourage new interests amongst students, it also makes them more aware of community resources and helps them relate their educational experience to the outside world.
These tours ensure that students gain practical insights to industry operations in their respective areas of specialization. Basic objective of industrial tour is to give exposure of an industry to the students, at the same time it imparts lesson in the team spirit which is mandatory attribute for a good professional.


• Delhi
• Mumbai
• Kerala
• Goa
• Karnataka
• Gujarat
• Orissa


• Our programs aim to deliver a engaged learning experience
• Our programs are designed to suit student and institutional requirements
• We provide certification for our NIPs
• Our costs are transparent and NO HIDDEN charges for our programs


Skill Acumen provides outbound learning programs for UG and PG students to enhance their skills required for life and work.
Our training programs are based on experiential learning model. All our training programs and learning activities are specifically designed and conducted with key focus on identified learning needs, objectives and outcomes of the training program.
At Skill Acumen, we believe that these qualities are learned better in the outdoors than in classrooms. Vanished out of an urban ambience, without the confines and pressures of a classroom atmosphere, a well designed outbound program helps people get in closer and clearer view of their strengths and weaknesses helping craft their future life.


• Skill development and enhancement training
• Program certification
• Adventure activities to improve personal effectiveness
• Uncompromised hospitality


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